Friday, 17 May 2013

Google updates photo enhancement features of Google+

Google+ photo features

Photos are the beauty spot feature for every social networking sites. Following this, Google updates Google+ photo enhancement feature. The four major enhancements are Auto Backup, Highlights, Auto Enhance, and Auto Awesome.

Highlights, Auto Enhance, and Auto Awesome is that they are enabled by default so there's no interface to evoke them, but you can turn off Auto Enhance enhancement to see the original photo. You are allowed  to choose any version you want to share.

Lets have a look on these photo enhancements:

Auto Backup:

When you enable this version, any photo that you click with your iOS or Android phone are automatically get up to Google+ and you can see it only when you sign in to your Google account. Now you can choose who  you want to share them with.


This version allow you to upload photos and videos from hard drive or iOS or Android phone. But you have to upload a bunch of photos otherwise the service doesn’t have enough to images to choose from.
A new Google+ algorithm chooses the best images by eliminating those containing blur, poor exposure, duplicates, and recognizing famous landmarks and smiling people. It also recognizes your family and other important people in your life.

Auto Enhance:

This is a default feature, it automatically enhace quality of your photo. You can also see the original image too. You can also edit your photo manually by chossing edit option.
The algorithm corrects overall tonal distribution, adds skin softening, removes red eye if necessary, sharpens and reduces noise, improves structure, corrects white balance, adds a vignette, and more.

Auto Awesome:

This is also a default faeture. It contains set of special effects for your photo, when you upload photo, the photo algorithm chooses which effect to use and how it will handle the effect.
When you upload a series of photos, sometimes it recognized a series of images as a GIF.

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